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If you do not find the date or time that works well with your schedule, please contact us. We will arrange a group workshop off-site working with your office, group, or committee schedule.

OTE schedule for this year has exciting new workshops

Psychic Development

Increase your psychic ability while expanding your own intuitive knowledge, Tuesday 6 pm-7:30 pm ON-LINE through Zoom 

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Zoom meetings will restart in the spring of 2021

Opening to Enlightenment only offers private workshops at this time. Each workshop will be a 2-hour session providing an understanding and information on the topic. We also will have a Q and A session at the end of each class. You can be a host that will coordinate a group of 7 or more people to attend a sectioned class or classes through Zoom. Please call for further information if you would be interested.  

Angels (101) (2 hours)

What an exciting way to spend 2 hours of your time This class studies the history of angels, the folklore, art, and writings associated with angels, as well as our personal relationship with them. We examine the hierarchy of angels and the roles they play in our personal lives. We will outline their interrelationships, as well as the colors and vibrations associated with archangels. We will establish how to interact with angels and how to contact your personal angels and guide.


Auras (101) (2 hours)

Seeing the energy that is transmitted from your body is fun and can tell you a lot about what is going on. Though there is so much more that Auras do for us and their use. Come and join us for this interesting and exciting look into the world of Auras. The aura is the energy field that all living things have. Some people are born with the skill (clairvoyance) to be able to view the energy field. Believe it or not, you can train yourself to view auras. What is better, when you are equipped with the knowledge about what they are and can understand what you are seeing, that information can be used as a powerful tool in understanding and learning more about others.

In this course, you will learn all about auras, including what they are, how to view them, experiencing your energy field, what aura colors mean, and how to strengthen and protect your aura. You will also learn how to make aura improvements, the healing powers associated with auras, and much more.

Aromatherapy (101) (2 hours)

You will learn how to purchase, store, measure, and blend oils. You will learn how to begin blending oils for massage, baths, skin lotions, and potpourri.  The effect of fragrances on your emotions may be subtle, but the smell alone can make you feel better.  It can improve your mood, help reduce stress, give you more energy, help you de-stress, or even help you fall asleep more easily. 

Chakra (101) (2 hours)

Join us while we discover the beauty of our force field that is created from the release of energy through our "Chakras". We will learn their colors, the sound they harmonize to, their benefits and purpose in each location as well as the food that works best with each area.   It truly takes time to master these energy portals though by learning some key things about them you have begun the first step. We will concentrate on the 7 major chakras, in this workshop. Gain an understanding of the power and wonder of each chakra. We will cover how chakras work with the body and what foods help keep them working at peak performance. This knowledge can help you heal yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


Chakra Cleansing (102) (2 hours)

We will learn how to cleanse the Chakra in each area so the body is functioning at peak performance. We will also differentiate between the back and front Chakras. This workshop expands your knowledge of these energy sources. We will review 6 keys areas (Introspection, Self Improvement, Movement or Action, Yoga, Color Therapies, Meditation, and Crystals) and their functions that are beneficial in the cleansing of the Chakra. We do suggest that you have a strong knowledge of Chakra or take Chakras 101 prior to attending this class.

Dream Interpretation (101) (2 hours)

Have you wanted to explore your subconscious? The Dream Interpretation workshop relieves what we can learn from our dreams. We will touch on your internal messages and so much more. Gain an understanding of sleep stages and dreams cycles. We will explore different types of dreams and establish methods for remembering them. We will explore the style and types of dreams and some meanings to help you to create your own method to interpret your dreams. This course is exciting and fun as we analyze each other dreams to determine the significance of what our subconscious is saying. Each student will bring at least one dream they want to share while they gain a clear understanding about its meaning. The class will work individually and then as a team to begin to analyze their dreams and others.

Dream Chart/ Vision Board (101) (2 hours)

Learn about the history of the vision board and how it has been used throughout time. In this class, you will create your own dream chart/ vision board of the steps you want to pursue in your life. You will need to bring magazines, scissors, glue or tape, colored pencils, and a great ability to focus on your future desires. We will be placing your images on to an 11" X 17" card stock board, which you will take with you. Have fun and dream away in this class. 

Essential Oils (101) (2 hours)

Learn about the history of oils while you gain an understanding of how we can use them in our daily lives. We will have samples there that you may try to gain a feeling of how it can and does relate to you. You will also be taught about the differences in oils and how mixers can be used in many ways.

Flame Messages (101) (2 hours)

A flame message is an index card that is waved over the top of a burning candle, allowing Spirit energies to deposit soot on the card, hopefully manifesting pictures, images, symbols, etc. that the medium performing the demonstration can see and describe to the recipient. This demonstration is categorized by Spiritualist mediums as being part of "precipitation", a broad category of other Spirit manifestations in the form of pictures and other images. Flame messages are considered to be an extension of mental mediumship, i.e. clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc., and provides an additional way the Spirit world can bring gifts to those in the physical world and in attendance at such a demonstration.

Flower Messages (2 hours)

Throughout history, flowers have had special meaning.  A red rose traditionally means true love while a pink rose can mean a new or young love.  During the first part of the workshop, we will explore the traditional meaning of some flowers, their shapes, leaves, and stalk; while also combining different flowers, to convey special messages.  The participants will also begin to develop a personal journal of flower meanings.  During the second half of the workshop, we will discuss how to use flowers in clairvoyant readings and messages.  There will be a demonstration of flower messages and flower readings.  The participants will have the opportunity to practice using flowers to enhance clairvoyant readings and messages.  Come prepared to work with the beautiful flowers. 

Herbs (101) (2 hours)

We will review the spiritual purpose of herbs. Following historical documentation of the uses and what and purpose for the medicine. We will gain a basic understanding of the benefits of the primary herbs used for balancing, detoxing, and repairing our personal Chemistry. We will also touch on growing and which to harvest, store, and consume the herb.


Meditation with Workshop Creation (101) 

Silence brings answers, so how do we shut off the unnecessary “chatter” in our minds? Learn how in this interactive, fun workshop. Relax, smile, and breathe! Quiet the mind and calm the body. Sleep better too! Come and spend a few hours with us to recharge your batteries and refresh your mind. Learn to create your internal workshop in your mind to be able to gain information and knowledge from your spiritual guides.


Numerology (101) Part A (2 hours)

Numbers are everywhere in our universe, learn to unlock their meanings in this exciting fun workshop. It is a great chance to gain an understanding of what your name and birth date mean about who you are. Bring a friend so you can get to know them better through numbers. Follow the history of numbers through time. View the importance we bestow on what we call the correct number sequence.  See how this art has worked in developing our bridge of understanding. We will learn how to calculate your personal numbers and their meanings within your life's journey. Discover the role numbers play in your life and what they mean. Your personal numbers influence how you see the world and how people see you. Part A will review the historical background and passage through time while reviewing the number your name resonates to.


Numerology (102) Part B (2 hours) prerequisite Must have completed Numerology Part A to attend this workshop

The class will be as fun as Part A as we explore further into your future concerning challenges and completed lessons. This class will give you an insight as to why you picked the house number you did. It will review your challenges in life and show what you have successfully completed.


Palmistry (101) Part A (2 hours)

In this two-hour class, you will learn and explore the basics of reading palms. The history of Palmistry, the difference, and determining dominant hands, major lines, symbols within lines, hand size and shape meanings, and more! Get hands-on knowledge so that you too can start to read palms. 

Palmistry (102) Part B (2 hours) prerequisite Must have completed Palmistry Part A to attend this workshop

In this two hour class, you will continue to learn and explore aspects of Palmistry including other major lines, mounds, finger meanings, discovering deeper information about your future, including marriage and kids, and the symbols and markings of an intuitive.

Past Lives (101) (2 hours)

Past lives can be examined in many ways. One approach we use is to identify the cell memory you have brought into this life. Cell memory is stored within our own cells and will reference items, events, or feelings that have no worldly merit.  They are memories from our past lives that need to be addressed or used to provide guidance during your journey. They can help or can hinder us through our daily lives. We will begin to review how to gain clarity from a prior life(s).

Power Animals  (2 hours)

Do you feel a special kinship with a particular animal? Do you keep a bird feeder in your yard so you can delight in watching your feathered friends? Perhaps your attraction to these creatures is more than curiosity or amusement. Maybe you have a deeper connection that can benefit you in all sorts of ways. With a little practice, you can develop your relationship with animal helpers, discover their special power, and gain their assistance in your daily life.

Reflexology (101) Part A (2 hours)

Reflexology is an ancient therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points on the hands or feet to initiate healing in the body. This class will introduce you to Reflexology and its many benefits. You will learn the history of Reflexology, create charts that map the reflex points of the hands and feet, and learn the basic techniques used to give a Reflexology treatment.

Reflexology (102) Part B (2 hours) prerequisite Must have completed Reflexology Part A to attend this workshop

In this class we will build upon the knowledge learned in Reflexology Part A. You will learn additional techniques and step-by-step flow so you can provide a relaxing and beneficial Reflexology treatment to family and friends. You will also learn specific reflex points to work for various conditions.

Spirit Guides (101) Part A (2 hours)

Invisible friends, we called them when we were young but were they or did we accept and easily connect with our guides for advice though mostly fun? Interesting concept! This workshop will take you through a guided meditation to meet the inner core of your spiritual guides. Yes, we will learn about the concept and their purpose. We review the history of spirit guides and the changes of definitions they have obtained through history. We touch on a few great leaders should as Napoleon who depended on his guide for great wisdom on the battles he fought. The workshop provides you with an outline of the major guide's descriptions of their specific areas. These guides are assigned to us from the time of birth until our death and provide us with insight on our overall path through life. In Part B we will meet the rest of the group


Spirit Guides (102) Part B - (2 hours) prerequisite  Part A  

This is a continuation of Spirit Guides Part A where you will work to meet your own personal spirit guides. Work not only with bringing the rest of your guides in as well as build onto a bridge to other guides and how we access them to obtain answers to our questions. We will understand the purpose and explore other ways we have and do incorporate them into our lives.


Stones and Crystals (101) Part A (2 hours)

In this two-hour class, you will discover the differences between stones, crystals and gemstones, sizes and shapes, colors, and meanings. What it means to start your own collection, how to pick stones, and cleansing them. This is a complete crash course and hands-on in what stone or crystal energy can do for you.

Stones and Crystals (102) Part B (2 hours)  prerequisite Must have completed Stone Part A to attend this workshop  

In this two-hour class, you will continue to discover the purpose and meanings of stones, crystals, and gemstones. We will take a look at the variations that you can use stones for manifestation and in your everyday life,  including element, healing, cleansing and grounding energy, and how you can connect to the deeper vibration. This is a complete crash course and hands-on in what stone or crystal energy can do for you.


Table Tipping (101) (2 hours)

Yes, it is real and extraordinary. Watch as the table moves when the spirit comes to visit. Our table has walked across the floor, gone down to the floor, and come up on its own. It has danced and given us hugs. Learn about how to begin to Table Tip and the History of this physical mediumship as it has evolved through the years. We hope to have you personally experience the movement of the table. This is a limited class of only 12 people.


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