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About Me

Hello, my name is Nancy Lynn. I have been working as a professional Spiritualist, Medium, and Life Counselor for decades. This work has been used to help individuals connect with spirits and events, which provide useful information related to their individual realm of understanding and clarity. I have been aware of the ability to communicate with the spirit world on many different levels as long as I can remember.

This gift has proven to be a valuable tool as I am able to provide information that guides people to release negative energy and move closer to their personal best. My abilities allow me to tap into your energy field to gain information from your past and present. This is done while simultaneously connecting with your spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over. The information is revealed to me as images, symbols, short movie clips, and thoughts. The merging of individual energy and spiritual guides provides an extremely in-depth and unique reading. The readings have an impact that can quite literally change the direction of your life.

Not only do I work with people to help remove obstacles, I also assist in providing information on past events, current disputes, and identifying points of concern. Because I believe everyone has some level of psychic ability, many can grow their own insight through education. Therefore, I have founded a company to assist each person in developing their own personal growth, called "Opening to Enlightenment".  Dedicated to your spiritual growth, we are comprised of psychics, mediums, and healers seeking to raise the spiritual energy on this earth.

I have been gifted with these abilities for the sole purpose of helping others. I would be grateful for the opportunity to provide you with a personalized reading. Whether you are looking for direction or insights, I can help!

Wishing you love and light,


Mission and


My mission is to help people reconnect to their own spiritual insight and to their unique gifts. Reconnecting to these things can begin with a spiritual reading: however, a reading is only a part of your spiritual journey.

Everyone is born with connections to the spiritual world. The connection to one’s guides, higher self, and cell memory are extremely strong at the time of birth. These connections quickly dissipate within the first few years of life as a child becomes more acquainted with material objects, social interactions, and family dynamics.  While the connection is never truly released from the spiritual realm, it shuts off in varying ways depending upon each individual. With training, a person’s connections can begin to reopen with each person realizing their unique sense of how they receive and process information.

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