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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do some people seem spiritually stronger than others?

As with many other things in life, the more you practice the better you become.


Why can some people see spirits and others obtain information through other senses? 

Like learning in school, some people tend to excel in math and science while others prefer English and literature. It is unique to each person.


Do we always use all of our human senses in the spiritual world?

Some will, though very few do.  The more senses you use, the clearer the message and experience seems for many people. However, one sense will usually be the predominate sense you develop and to which you most commonly refer.


Is the message different if I do not use all my senses?

No.  You can learn the meanings of symbols or signs and how to process that information.


Can I ask questions during my reading?

Yes. Usually the spirits or guides have already anticipated your questions and will provide you with the answers during the session.


How long does the spiritual reading last?

Readings are generally scheduled for 60 minutes, though sometimes they might last a bit longer.


How will I remember this information?

I will provide you with a recording of the session.


Can you guarantee that the person I want to reach will come through?

No. Unfortunately, I am unable to make that guarantee. However, we can ask if there is a communication the person you are trying to reach wishes to provide. I encourage my clients to remain open to those who connect. They bring messages or helpful information to provide you guidance.


How do I schedule a reading?

My policy is to reserve dates and times for people who are serious about having a reading. Therefore, I request payments in advance to reserve appointments. I am flexible in scheduling a date and time that works best for you.

To schedule an appointment, please call my office at 571-989-2408, or send an email to blueraven318@gmail.com.


How do I pay for my reading?

 Payment can be made via check, money order, cash, or through PayPal at email address: blueraven318@gmail.com.



Testimonial From Clients

Thank you so much for the reading you recently gave our family.  We truly appreciate your taking the time to explain exactly how the process works and what to expect before beginning.  Your professionalism and engaging personality put everyone at ease, and the reading itself was beyond our expectations.  In addition to providing answers to many of our questions (which had never been verbalized), you also provided validation in numerous areas.  There were a couple of things that came through we couldn't place, but we didn't really think much about it.  A couple of days later, it was like a lightning bolt hit us, and the things we weren't able to place suddenly made perfect sense.  You were so spot-on it was uncanny; when does your t.v. series air?  Seriously though, I can't say enough about you and the reading.  We're passing your name along to our friends with our recommendation.  Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with us! DT March 15, 2020

Having gone into this with a healthy dose of skepticism I consider my mind blown.

Nancy was so spot on within 3 minutes of my visit.

The descriptions and imagery from my own past could not have been discerned from anything but the divine.

Please share this with anyone who cares to read it

 Thank you! Jeff L. Jan 2020


I had first awesome reading with Nancy. I didn't provide information to her and received amazing messages from my family members who passed away. I will recommend her to my friends and family who are looking for closure like me.

JL August 2019

Nancy Thank You So Very Much.

My Sister Finally has some of what she's needed for many years,and she's got Hope again & Looking forward to a Brighter Future.!You Nailed what I needed too, as you can tell from the Sob. I will be Forever Grateful to You.

MB April 2019

Nancy made me feel comfortable and gave me very valuable information!

Mary Sept 26, 2018

I absolutely enjoyed the experience. She brought up things that she had no way of knowing, and some things that even I didn't know. It was very enlightening and I left very satisfied with visit! I will definitely be going again in the future

Katarina Sept 26, 2018

It was indeed enlightening

Barb August 9, 2018


This was a great experience, I want to go back! She connected me with my grandmother and provided accurate information about my life. Would definitely recommend her!

Angie Aug 2018

Nancy is so wonderful!!! Very open and accurate...very helpful...love the service she provides!!!

Susan C on July 9, 2018

Nancy made me very comfortable, great experience all around. I will be going back

Amy C Jul 11, 2018


Nancy is so wonderful!!! Very open and accurate...very helpful...love the service she provides!!!

Brenda s. May 31, 2017

Make sure to bring a recording device! Lots of info you won't want to miss!

PS Nov 2, 2016


Nancy is great! Very honest and precise...I truly feel she has powers to read others! I do this strictly for entertainment but I am becoming a real believer!! She told me things that well spot on...things no one knew but she saw. She is very genuine...very warm..but most of all...very accurate!

Sue  April 03, 2015


If you are going there for a reading only, prepare for your visit with a list of specific questions you want answered from your loved ones on the other side. High recommend Opening to Enlightenment. She is very good. Professional. Thorough. Enjoyed my first visit tremendously. Got my answers. Will definitely return!!! And soon!

Ken  February 11, 2015


Be open. She is great!

Robin  January 19, 2015