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Tell your Friends to join us on Zoom

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Enjoy these workshops from the comfort and safety of your home through your Ipad or computer. You will be watching a live presentation on your screen throughout this event. We know you will enjoy this talented and engaging event.

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Completed Workshops

Table Tipping workshop.jpg

Enjoy an evening with spirit providing you with answers through the table. We will try to get everyone who is interested a chance at the table. This class is in-person and limited to seat availability. 

Don't miss this opportunity!

Sold Out

Meeting your spiritual Gudes SBW June 11.jpg

Meet your Spiritual Guide?

  • Types

  • Bands

  • What are the signs

  • Connection


This workshop helps you to make a connection with your spiritual guide and obtain information.

Aura workshops flyer at SBW 2023.jpg

What is an Aura?

  • Types

  • Colors

  • Sizes

  • Relationship

  • Functions

  • How you perceive yourself

  • Environment

  • Age

Learn what we use Auras for and how helpful they are in our daily lives.

Animal Medicine workshops flyer revised.jpg

Power of Animals (Animal Medicine)  

(90 minutes)

Do you feel a special kinship with a particular animal? Do you keep a bird feeder in your yard so you can delight in watching your feathered friends? Perhaps your attraction to these creatures is more than curiosity or amusement. Maybe you have a deeper connection that can benefit you in all sorts of ways. With a little practice, you can develop your relationship with animal helpers, discover their special power, and gain their assistance in your daily life.

Past life flyer revised.jpg

This workshop will help you to understand how past lives intersect with your current journey. It will help you find out and discover how little fragments can and do create fears, concerns, and knowledge of people, events, and things. Knowing this information helps you to round out further information about your soul.
         Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you felt you have been there before?

  • Have you ever meant someone new and liked them?

  • Are you scared of something that makes no sense?

THIS workshop is for YOU!

Nancy Lynn_dreams.png

3 pm Eastern Time Zone

Do not miss this FREE 30-minute session which will be an introduction to Unlocking Your Dreams.

If you’ve ever had questions about interpreting your dreams, remembering what you’ve dreamt about, or stages of sleep, this short 30-minute event is just the right size to break up your day. Click here to reserve your seat.

Numbers are everywhere in our universe, learn to unlock their meanings in this exciting fun workshop.

Numerology flyer 2022 revised.jpg

It is a great chance to gain an understanding of what your name and birth date mean about who you are. Bring a friend so you can get to know them better through numbers. Follow the history of numbers through time. 
We will learn how to calculate your personal numbers and their meanings within your life's journey.  Your personal numbers influence how you see the world and how people see you.

Second Day
We will explore further into your future concerning challenges and completed lessons. It will review your challenges in life and show what you have successfully completed.

October Messages from Spirit Flyer Revised.png

Sold Out

October 15 and 16, 2021   Messages from Spirit

We are delighted to be hosting this event with talented mediums that will be connecting with your loved ones on the other side. You must have a ticket to attend the event.


If you only want to attend one day click on "Buy Now" and follow the payment process. If you are going to attend BOTH sessions click on the "Both days" button to receive a discounted price.  A confirmation email will be sent to you from Paypal and the Zoom 

We can not guarantee that you will receive a message from your loved one during this platform event. No refunds will be issued. 

The zoom link will be emailed to you 4 days prior to each event date.

Sold Out

Flyer for the event 2021 revision 2.jpg

Feb. 27, 2021   Gordon Smith Live!

Gordon will welcome you into the event and begin by explaining the 7 states of consciousness and the importance of sitting in your own power. He will lead you through a guided meditation and invite you to ask your own guides to step in.  After the meditation, Gordon will open the floor and ask some of you to share your experiences with him.


Gordon will also discuss his early investigations into his own guides and explain how he found his own proof - this supported with incredible evidence of his guide "Master Chi" which will be shown during this interactive event.


Before we close, Gordon will take a short Q&A session to enable you to raise any final questions you have in the practice of finding your own guides and meditation.

Nov. 23, 2020   Rev. Hoyt Robinette Live!

Would you believe that these cards shown below were not created by human hands?

This is your chance to have a personalized drawing made by spirit especially for you!

Flyer for this event SOLD OUT.jpg

Hoyt Robinette is a world-renowned precipitation medium who works with etheric helpers to produce physical images on blank index cards, called spirit cards. He will blindfold himself and then give you an answer to your question as well as tell them the names written on the form. As he processes through each person‘s information, the blank index cards along with crayons, pens, pencil, and markers in a separate wicker basket will have an image precipitate on one side and names, including your own, on the other. Please view this youtube video for further insight:


Procedure: After we receive your payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you along with a form for you to fill out. This form will request you to up to (7) names of guides or loved ones who have passed along with one question you desire an answer to and your full name at that bottom of the sheet. Please email the completed form back to us within 3 days after your payment, along with your shipping address (where you want the spirit card sent to) and cell phone number.

No refunds after November 23rd

On Wednesday, December 9th, a Zoom link will be sent to you for the date(s) you have selected.

Please contact us to schedule private Workshops at any time.
Tel. 571-989-2408
for further information
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