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M. B.

Nancy Thank You So Very Much.

My Sister Finally has some of what she's needed for many years, and she's got Hope again & Looking forward to a Brighter Future.! You Nailed what I needed too, as you can tell from the Sob. I will be Forever Grateful to You.

Jeff L.

Having gone into this with a healthy dose of skepticism I consider my mind blown.

Nancy was so spot on within 3 minutes of my visit.

The descriptions and imagery from my own past could not have been discerned from anything but the divine.


This was a great experience, I want to go back! She connected me with my grandmother and provided accurate information about my life. Would definitely recommend her!


Nancy is wonderful, it’s like sitting down with someone you’ve known forever. My first reading with her was back in 2015, loved her then, and loved her today during my second reading. Right from the start, she came in the reading with such beautiful energy, she then began scribbling names, dates, initials, and objects that were being told to her. 

Nancy & I spent a loving hour together with my Grandmothers & their daughters sitting on each side of Nancy chatting away with information for me. Simply said, “Thank You” you gave me such clarity and answers to things I’ve been working on for 3 years now. I can connect the puzzle pieces and take a deep breath of relief knowing I’m moving in the right direction. Everything she told me was spot on, she also showed me the notepad she was doodling on after, I had goosebumps.

I do look forward to seeing her in the future, and I will be passing on her name to my family & friends. This was my first time on ZOOM, and it was just like sitting across from her at her kitchen table. 

Thank you Nancy with all my heart for hosting my relatives today, It was a wonderful reading.

Devea T.

Thank you so much for the reading you recently gave our family.  We truly appreciate your taking the time to explain exactly how the process works and what to expect before beginning.  Your professionalism and engaging personality put everyone at ease, and the reading itself was beyond our expectations.  In addition to providing answers to many of our questions (which had never been verbalized), you also provided validation in numerous areas.  There were a couple of things that came through we couldn't place, but we didn't really think much about it.  A couple of days later, it was like a lightning bolt hit us, and the things we weren't able to place suddenly made perfect sense.  You were so spot-on it was uncanny; when does your t.v. series air?  Seriously though, I can't say enough about you and the reading.  We're passing your name along to our friends with our recommendation.  Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with us! DT


Thank you for making my day with such a wonderful reading. It felt like I was spending one more day with people I loved.

Susan C.

Nancy is so wonderful!!! Very open and accurate...very the service she provides!!!

Brenda S.

Nancy is one of the best mediums I have ever been with. Her accuracy to small details and the things she brings up take me back to wonderful times in my life. I have recommended her to many.


Nancy gave me an incredible gift today.  She gave me an hour with my family.  From the moment the session started, I knew I was working with a consummate professional.  Nancy filled the hour with great detail and insight.  She was accurate and concise.  Additionally, she was able to manage the conversations of the spirits who came to visit.  Not every medium can do this!  Nancy is thorough, methodical, and a Godsend.  Whether you want to feel the embrace of lost loved ones or seek guidance for your path, Nancy should be the first person you contact.

Thank you, Nancy, for making my day.


Thank you for your psychic mediumship reading. You were spot on with my uncle Bob’s name and his mother Marie’s name. You were able to identify so many things that proved the connection was there. What absolutely touched my heart is when you brought my sister in showing the two significant butterflies and gave detail no one else would know about her passing. You gave me important information that I will be following up on to see if her case will be solved. Everything you said resonated and gave me the chills. You are a wonderful psychic medium and I’m blessed to have had a reading from you. 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you and will be recommending you to friends and family.


Make sure you bring a recorder. Lots of invaluable information you will not want to miss. 


Nancy is great! Very honest and precise...I truly feel she has the power to read others! I do this strictly for entertainment but I am becoming a real believer!! She told me things that well spot on...things no one knew but she saw. She is very genuine...very warm..but most of all...very accurate!

Brenda S.

Nancy made me very comfortable, a great experience all around. I will be going back and  telling a lot of friends about her.

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