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Animal Medicine Cards




In an Animal Medicine Card reading, you will shuffle a deck of cards, face down, cut them and then create a spread from which you will pick the cards needed to guide you through life situations.


These cards depict the animal kingdom based on definitions by Native American Indians and their connection to the Great Spirit. The power that each animal card represents will be what you require in your life to move forward in specific situations or journey through this life at any given time.


The Nine Totem Animals: 60-minute reading

Each person has nine power, or totem, animals that represent their specific talents, abilities, and challenges. These animals will be used throughout your life’s journey. The selection might surprise you, though it will be correct.


The Pathway Spread: 45-minute reading

The spread depicts the overall pathway of your life’s journey.


The Sun or Moon Lodge Spread: 30-minute reading

The Sun Lodge spread depicts how others see you, while the Moon Lodge spread is a reflection of how you subconsciously see yourself.

                                                 Other spreads are also available

Past Life Cards



These cards are a tool to help you in remembering information from past lives. They also confirm what have been themes from other lifetimes that you might already be aware of. Once we realize the foundation or patterns in our life, we can and do overcome it and release the energy that it holds.


One Card Draw:  10 to 20-minute reading

What issue are you working on currently from a past life? 


Three Card Draw:  30 to 45-minute reading

The left card represents the lifetime or event that triggered the situation

The next card is the current state of your question

The last card is the immediate future it will have if nothing changes

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