Class Outlines


Dream Interpretation (101) April 9th 6:30pm -9:30pm and April 20th 10am-12pm

Gain an understanding of sleep stages and when dreams occur. We will explore different types of dreams and establish methods for remembering them. We will explore the style and types of dreams and some meanings to help you to create your own method to interpret your dreams. 

  • Why We All Dream and Why We Should

    • A dream well dreamt can prompt us to question the world around us, what we are doing in it, how we view it, and what we do, as well as, defining what is real and what isn't.

  • Dreaming Through History

    • Dreaming is a fundamental part of all our lives, one of the very few cords that unites all human beings.

  • Freud/Jung/Perls

    • To briefly understand what these men contributed to the art of dreaming

  • Dream State, Levels and Logic

    • We will touch on several of the better known, and more widely acknowledged dream states, as well as some of the very important points in relation to levels of dreaming.

  • Dreams Across the Cultural Divide

    • Dreaming is a universal experience, however, cultural factors and religiousness do play a significant part in how people regard the significance and consequences of dreams.

  • Your Own Dream

    • Our dream pictures and feelings are generated by our unconscious and for our own benefit. Our unconscious talks directly to us through our dreams, one-to-one.

  • Dream Symbols

    • The messages contained in our dreams are typically conveyed as symbols -- representing an idea, concept, or emotion -- something that is difficult to put into actual words.

  • Analyzing and Interpreting Your Dreams

    • In practically every culture and during practically every Age in our history, dreams have both enthralled and mystified us and had us scrambling to find bigger and better ways to understand their implications. You will be shown some tools to help you analyze your own dreams.

Come and learn how to Interpretation your dreams to make sense of the messages you are gaining from the other side. Please call to reserve a seat in this exciting workshop gear to help you to do it yourself.